Allergy Epicentre is a South African support group for allergy sufferers or parents of children with severe allergies.
We aim to:

  •  Share information about managing allergies.
  • Link to allergy organisations from the rest of the world.
  •  Provide resources to help parents keep their children safe at school.
  •  Provoke debate on how to manage allergies in a school/work environment.
  •  Highlight issues for local allergy sufferers.

8 Responses to Welcome

  1. Eveshwin says:

    Hi, I have a daughter with severe eczema and asthma. I am constantly searching for advice on her condition. Hopefully I can visit your website for up to date information. Would like to see what new medication is out there to fight these conditions.

    • howlingdesign says:

      Hi Eveshwin,
      I hope we can link you up with info that will help. In my experience, you need to be on the look out for some environmental factors. My son had severe eczema and asthma and it turns out his aczema was triggered by mould! He still has dry skin, but moving to a dry climate has made all the difference. He can at least hydrate without the crazy cracking and ichiness he used to get. The other thing to watch out for is the possible development of a food allergy. I will write an article soon on this phenomenon. Based on where you live, look at the most common environmental triggers and get an Allergologist to run those tests.

  2. Natalie De Carvalho says:

    Hi there
    I just saw your group on Facebook and saw your emergency cards and info for your son’s back pack. How much would it cost to have this made ans ordered?

    • howlingdesign says:

      Hi Natalie,
      I am going to email you with the info…
      thanks for the interest. I will eventually get around to figuring out a commerce page for this which would make it easier 🙂

      Lori Bentley

  3. Rofeeqoh says:

    Hi I’ve also just visited the fb page and would like pricing for the tag and card, also what kind of help do you offer to keep kids safe at there school? Thanks!!!

    • howlingdesign says:

      Hi, I will send you a private message re the tag and card. In terms of keep kids safe at school, I have a poster approved by Dr Mike Levin which highlights the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction and can send you a version of this form to be used. I can offer suggestions and support for getting the school to co-operate with you. Unfortunately, because SA has no legislation which classifies allergic kids as having a disability (like they do in the USA), schools are not obliged to accommodate them. You have to turn on the charm (which works better than yelling) and roll up your sleeves to get involved.

  4. Dr Mike says:

    Patients at risk of anaphylaxis should carry their emergency adrenaline (preferably in the form of an autoinjector) with them at all times. This includes the adrenaline being available to a child who is at school. If a very allergic learner has had emergency adrenaline prescribed and dispensed to them, they are legally allowed to be in possession of such a product and to administer it in an emergency. Unfortunately some of our patients experience resistance from the school system to them bringing their adrenaline to school premises. Sherylle Dass, an attorney from the Equal Education Law Centre, is prepared to help any parents who are having difficulty with this issue and would like such parents to urgently contact her directly at sherylle@eelawcentre.org.za. Please also get your patients to sign up with the anaphylaxis register via http://www.allergysa.org

    • Creative LAB says:

      I agree with all that Dr Mike has to say here and must emphasise that the EE Law Centre has already helped one family get their child included in the school of their choice with the educators agreeing to appropriate safety measures. And please sign up for the register. Allergysa is trying desperately to collate numbers of people with allergies in South Africa. If they know more about the allergies and how allergies are increasing, they will have a better position from which to get laws changed and get recognition for allergy sufferers. It is also a very useful tool for patients to monitor how often allergic reactions are happening on their own profile. The information remains private and you can choose to sign up to get extra information or not..

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